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Apple iPhone 13 |pro max| release date |

In the description. So today we’ve got plenty of news about the Apple iPhone 13 including its specs design, and the cameras, as well as a lot of new confirmations

first up, we’ve got news of camera upgrades it for the Apple iPhone 13. And of course, this is something that’s always going to happen, but we’ve got more confirmation on specific upgrades to start with it, we’re gonna see an improvement to the ultra wide camera on the iPhone 13.

it is looking very likely and it states that the iPhone 13


Now this report comes from Barclays analyst, as well as Ming Chico, so it is looking very likely and it states that the iPhone 13 is going to come up with a new ultra wide camera and have a much larger aperture.

Now its predecessor had an aperture of F 2.4, whereas the new one is reportedly going to be an F 1.8, a smaller f stop number means a larger aperture, which allows more light to hit the center of this result in better low light performance, as well as better quality overall is the ISO can then stay lower. We’re still hearing the use of a periscope camera as well, but it’s not really anything solid, a patent was discovered but given that it’s only just been discovered it could well be for a future model, and not the iPhone 13.

Apple iPhone 13 color

Apple iPhone XS

We also had the previous news of LIDAR scanners on all four models of the iPhone 13. Now this is still just a rumor and it does seem strange, it would less than the difference between the standard models and the pros, but then at the same time Apple is putting focus into AR if more firms have the LIDAR scanner, then it will result in more development in this area.

Apple iPhone 13 camera

So when it comes to moving forward with more users able to use it, then app developers can justify the time spent with the implementation.

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