How to download Truecaller Premium apk for free

Over 200 million Indians used Truecaller Premium as their caller ID app of choice. but did you know that downloading the Truecaller premium apk is so much more than being just a caller ID. in this post I’m going to talk about Truecaller Premium and Truecaller gold and give you seven reasons why you should upgrade from the free world? Hello everyone.

  • Mod Info: -Gold & premium Unlocked -Unlimited contact requests –
  • Who viewed my profile works -Gold caller ID works –
  • Multi Languages
  • Support -CPU – arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, x86, x86_64

Download Truecaller Premium apk for free

download Truecaller Premium apk for free

If you have been living under a rock and you don’t have Kupala installed on your own, I would suggest you go ahead and download the app from Google Play on Android or the App Store.

Truecaller Free and Premium version

Now many people who used to color up apps and it’s pretty staid, but getting the paid version brings in a ton of benefits. So the pricing structure is on your screen right now. And if you decide to get the paid version of the app, these are the benefits you get. The most annoying thing about an app experience is AD

If you want to experience Truecaller in its pure ad-free state get the premium version my friend you must have noticed those notifications that say someone checks your profile well with the premium membership you can actually find out about the exact person’s identity who searched your profile.

Now you want to use incognito mode in a browser right? Well, you will do the same Truecaller as well not for using the browser but for searching profiles anonymously. This basically means you can check someone’s details without even alerting them now don’t be creepy to color in it.

The state already prevents you from spammers, but if you get the paid version, then the spam protection gets all the way more powerful just to show you these are the two options within top spammers inside my true color premium setting.

And this takes my spam protection game to the next level. Did you know that true color lets you make your friends well, with Truecaller Premium you can send 30 contract requests per month and connect with these new people beyond their phone numbers. Why do you get the ability to hide your profile from other users in all premium? If you wish to increase visibility.

How to download Truecaller Premium apk for free

There are boosts that help you get discovered by more people. And of course, the most important of them is all the premium badges. Now wherever you call someone, a premium badge will always appear right next to your caller ID basically alerting others that this is an important color if you asked me guys, the badge is so cool and it makes your profile stand out.

By the way, did you notice my goal caller ID Well, that’s the ultimate elite stuff, and if you want the same consider subscribing to Truecaller boat. I know it is 5000 rupees a year not for the faint of heart. And so that is why I said it is the ultimate elite stuff. But what are its benefits?

Well of course you get all the premium features and on top of that, you get two more important additions. First, you get high-priority support regarding your queries and complaints. In short, if you get gold, your true color royalty, speaking of royalty, the second edition which is a gold Truecaller ID the same one that I have.

So whenever you make a call to someone your profile will reflect in gold signifying that you are indeed a Truecaller gold subscriber. So what are you waiting for? I think I gave you enough reasons to upgrade to Truecaller Premium


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