How to get traffic to my website free in 2022

When I started my online business five, six years ago and published my website, the main struggle the main problem was, that it was only me and some of my friends who knew about my website. I was getting like 10 to 20 views per day 50% from me and 10 views from my friends. So it was really the main problem, How to get traffic to my website for free.

Focus Keyword

So let’s start with step number one. And this on-page SEO checklist. Simply, you have to set the focus keyword. How to get traffic to my website for free? Let’s go here to Google on Google. Usually, we search for something, this something, or this search term that you’re searching for as a keyword. For example, in my case, it’s about How to get traffic. So someone who wants to learn about email validation will say, How to get traffic to my website for free and he will get some results.

How to get traffic to my website for free
How to get traffic to my website for free

He will click this WebSocket to get traffic and so on. So your job is to rank your website for your own keyword your target keyword on the first 10 results of Google on top of the search results. In my case, I need to pick a keyword a focus keyword I want to target for this article how to do is usually do keyword research.

H1 Tag How to get traffic to my website free

The second thing you have to know is you have to make your title, the title of the article, and an h1 tag. What does this mean? Let’s go to my main website and educate if you open any article like this one and if you go here to this title, right-click and click on Inspect we will see the HTML code the code behind so you will see this title is inside a header Tag, h1 Tag,

H1 Tag

Make sure to do this if you are developing your own website now in WordPress, this is done automatically but I mentioned this just in case you are doing your own customized website, no press. I think also in Blogger and all these platforms this will be done automatically for you. So make sure to use h1 tags for your title.

H2 Tag Subheading Optimization How to get traffic to my website free

Step number three, make sure to use h2 tags for your subheadings. You can see this one, it’s an h2 tag because that’s three h four. So the subheadings are always h2 headings and make sure to mention the focus keyword in one of these subheadings an example of this subheading here is “How to get traffic to my website for free”. You mentioned the target keyword, and this subheading, so h2 tags and mentioned at least one time lot with keywords in the h2 subheadings.

H2 Tag Subheading Optimization How to get traffic to my website for free

Focus Keyword Frequency

You mentioned the target keyword and the subheading, so h2 tags, and mentioned at least a one-time log with keyword and the h2 subheadings. Step number four mentions your focus keyword multiple times in the article. If we go ahead and search for How to get traffic to my website for free, you will see I mentioned it four times with revival and subheadings in my article,

Focus Keyword Frequency

I think it’s not that much but you have to know something here. Very important. We are going about mentioning it like five-six times and not putting it everywhere. Don’t overuse this method. just mentioned it in your article.

The nature the way just think about if an article is about dog training, it’s obvious that the article must mention this keyword box training. So just keep things normal and talk to humans and not machines.t for humans and not machines


Article number five is using external internal linking in your article. What do I mean? If you go down here? In my article you will see I am linking to other email validation services, zero bounce, email lists, verify, and so on. So these are external links to how this helps.

This helps Google understand what’s the topic of your article if you are linking to other How to get traffic services. So this all together is somehow related to How to get traffic and link to authority websites.


And you need to tell Google that your website is a good piece of content, informative content linking authority websites also this will help you increase the rank of your web page. So link external authority websites in your article and also linked internal pages in your website. Now since this is the first blog post and our website,

I don’t have other articles, but later on, as you will see, I will start linking articles together this will be called internal linking. This also helps Google crawl your website from page to page and helps in ranking you web pages.

10 Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic

So external linking also decides and internal linking of course, later on, you may turn these links or some of these links to affiliate links automatically as you will see in the affiliate marketing part when we start monetizing our website later on in this awesome series.

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