Is That Best performing LinkedIn ads in 2022?

Without appropriate planning, social media may sometimes seem to howl into the void. You may, however, guarantee that your brand’s message reaches the right audience by using LinkedIn ads. And a strong decision-making group at that. Four out of every five users on the platform’s 690 million+ members may influence corporate decisions. These influencers also have double the purchasing power of average internet users.

LinkedIn ads
LinkedIn ads

Many types of advertising are available and the types of goals they may help you achieve. We’ll also walk you through the creation of LinkedIn ads and share some of our best conversion-boosting strategies and methods.

Introduction of LinkedIn ads

Access to the LinkedIn social networks is provided through LinkedIn Ads, a for-profit marketing tool, through a variety of sponsored postings and other means. A potent marketing tool for B2B businesses, LinkedIn Ads helps them generate leads, gain online awareness, distribute content, and more.

Companies must utilize LinkedIn marketing to expand in the professional market, and with LinkedIn Ads, they may advertise their presence on the site.LinkedIn advertisements provide businesses several advantages, including the chance to boost sales, find top talent, and participate in an industry’s social media presence, in addition to increased reach and recognition. Being a member of LinkedIn might help you develop organically online.

Types of LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn advertisements

Sponsored Content

Native advertisements sometimes referred to as sponsored content, appear in your audience’s LinkedIn feed whether they are reading on a desktop or a mobile device. To separate this advertising from other material, LinkedIn marks them as “promoted.”You have the option of using LinkedIn carousel advertisements, single-image ads, or video ads when promoting sponsored content.

Sponsored Messages

You may directly advertise to LinkedIn members in their inboxes with Sponsored Messaging (formerly known as Sponsored InMail).

Just be aware that LinkedIn has a monthly limit on the number of users who can receive Sponsored Message ads. A person of your target audience, for example, won’t see one of your adverts more than twice in a short period. Only 48% of firms presently communicate with clients and prospects via texting, even though 89% of consumers prefer this method.

Add Text

While users are surfing the platform, text advertising appears in the right sidebar and remains there. These resemble the sidebar adverts on Facebook. Standard text advertisements will include a single picture, usually the business logo, some brief promotional text, and a CTA that may be clicked. Although their exposure may be less than that of LinkedIn’s other advertising alternatives, they are easy to establish and can produce results at a reasonable cost.

Dynamic Ads

LinkedIn Ads Dynamic Ads

Although text advertisements and dynamic ads both display on Linkedin’s right-hand side rail, there are two key distinctions between them:

As you can see in the sample below, dynamic advertising is often presented on its own. Text advertising is paired together.

The major advantage here is that dynamic advertisements leverage the user’s name and profile picture to grab their attention. This is frequently done to attract followers or to highlight a position, a good, or a service. A member’s personal information, including their photo, employer’s name, and work title, is mirrored back to them when a Dynamic Ad appears in their feed. Members can modify their settings to remove these data if they feel the adverts are a touch too personal.

You need a clear understanding of what to do and when to do it if you’re getting ready to launch on Linked Ads. Additionally, there are a lot of procedures to follow when you first start using LinkedIn Ads.

It is simple to forget what you ought to have done initially and last when you get ready to market on LinkedIn. You have to organize your job according to priority. We’ll save you some time by providing a checklist for those who are just getting started with LinkedIn Ads.

  • Launching LinkedIn Ads: Checklist
  • Get the rights to your company page
  • Access your LinkedIn Ads account
  • Creating a LinkedIn Insight Tag
  • Setup for Conversion Tracking
  • Assemble visual or video resources
  • Consider Your Target Market
  • Get your calls to action together
  • Schedule your massages

LinkedIn’s ad goals

You must decide on goals for each ad campaign in addition to understanding what kinds of advertising you want to run. The outcomes you optimize for will be determined by your objectives, which have a big effect on how well your campaigns succeed. With LinkedIn Ads, there are three separate kinds of objectives, each of which has unique particular activities you may optimize for.

Advertising for awareness on LinkedIn

Advertisements that promote brand awareness and name familiarity are their main focus. They give impressions more weight than other activities, such as clicks or site visits. You are charged per 1,000 views (CPM). There is just one clear goal in this situation, and that is brand recognition.

LinkedIn consideration advertisements

Contemplation advertisements are ideal for the consideration stage of the digital sales funnel since they focus on increasing user interaction with your company.

  • Under this heading, specific goals include:
  • visits to websites where you pay for each click.
  • Engagement, with pay-per-click or pay-per-action options (e.g. page follow).
  • Paying for video views of your on-platform video advertisement.
  • LinkedIn conversion advertisements

Specific and direct actions are prioritized in conversion advertisements. You often have the option of paying per click or for each conversion separately.


Google Ads is the name of Google’s internet advertising platform. people use Google Ads to reach their target customers. You may use Google Ads to promote your company, sell goods or services, build awareness, and improve website traffic. You may create and modify your ad campaign at any time, including the ad content, settings, and budget, because Google Ads accounts are administered online. Not to mention that the Google Ads platform has been around for more than two decades, giving it a huge amount of seniority and authority in the paid advertising business.

How does it work with Google Ads in 2022 best way?

The choices falling under the conversions goal category are as follows

the generation of leads, which shows users on-platform lead forms that are pre-filled with member data.

Conversions on a website, such as gathering leads on the spot, downloading materials, or making purchases.

Applications for jobs, if you’re attempting to encourage more people to use the platform to apply for your position.

Forms for LinkedIn ads

Are you unsure about the LinkedIn ad formats you want to use? Let’s look at the 10 alternatives that are offered and the suggested specifications for each of them from LinkedIn.

Remember that PNG or JPG image file types are suggested for all ad formats.

LinkedIn consideration advertisements

If you want to qualify leads who are already familiar with your brand to some extent, choose a consideration ad.

These advertisements are designed to support marketers in achieving the following objectives:

Increase the number of people that visit your website and landing pages.

Encourage visitors to other social networking sites and websites, as well as likes, comments, and shares.

Views on videos: Post a video on your latest product, your company’s history, or a typical day.

LinkedIn conversion advertisements consider a conversion ad when you want to increase leads or close sales.

They can aid in achieving the following three goals

Lead generation: Generate leads on LinkedIn by employing forms that include data from user profiles already filled up. Increase the number of website visitors who download ebooks, sign up for newsletters, or make purchases.

Job seekers

Post a job on your company’s website to inform people about the most recent position available. Forms for LinkedIn ads there are ten distinct forms available on LinkedIn to help you achieve your marketing objectives. Each ad style will be described in detail in this section, along with the objectives each one may help you reach. We’ll also provide examples and guidelines for LinkedIn ads. ad carousels LinkedIn carousel advertisements employ a series of swipeable cards to highlight items, give insights, or tell a story about your company. Use compelling pictures to keep your audience scrolling to discover more.

Brand recognition, website traffic, user engagement, website conversions, and lead creation are the objectives.

Carousel ads on LinkedIn ads

  • 255 character maximum for the ad’s name
  • 150 character restriction for the first paragraph to avoid shortening on some devices (255 total character limit)
  • cards: two to ten playing cards.
  • Max file size is 10 MB.
  • Maximum picture size: 6012 × 6012 pixels
  • formats for rich media: JPG, PNG, and GIF (non-animated only)
  • The headline text on each card should not exceed two lines.

Advertisements with a Lead Gen Form are limited to 30 characters and ads with a destination URL to 45 characters. CTA

Conversation commercials provide audiences with a “choose your own adventure” experience (think of those who choose your adventure books, but for advertising).

Your audience will be able to choose the response that best resonates with them after the dialogue has begun. This kind of advertisement enables you to promote goods and services while also promoting registration for events or webinars.

Brand recognition, website traffic, user engagement, website conversions, and lead creation are the objectives.

Promotional advertisements

Dynamic advertising that is tailored to your audience is called follower ads. These adverts spread the word about your LinkedIn Page to get people to click the “follow” button.

  • Brand recognition, website visits, and engagement are the objectives.
  • LinkedIn follower ad specifications
  • Ad length: 70 characters maximum
  • Ad headline: Enter up to 50 characters or select from a list of options.
  • Name of the company: it is up to 25 characters
  • Ad image: JPG or PNG, preferably 100 x 100 pixels

follower LinkedIn ads investigate possibilities from the Golden Phase

Spotlight advertisements

Spotlight advertising provides attention to your company’s goods, services, content, and other things. Members are immediately sent to your landing page or website when they click on the advertisement LinkedIn ads.

These are another class of dynamic advertisements that leverage personalization to interact with audiences, similar to follower ads. Brand recognition, website visits, interaction, lead creation, and job applications are the objectives.

Specs for a LinkedIn featured ad

  • Ad length: 70 characters maximum
  • Ad headline: 50 characters maximum
  • Name of the company: it will up to 25 characters
  • JPG or PNG images have to be 100 by 100 pixels in size.
  • CTA: 18 characters or less
  • Custom background: Needs to be exactly 300 by 250 pixels and no more than 2 MB.
  • career spotlights at FixDex

LinkedIn ads

Advertisements for jobs LinkedIn ads

Work With Us advertising on LinkedIn, which includes job postings as well, has up to 50 times greater clickthrough rates than typical recruiting ads. That’s probably because these LinkedIn advertisements take advantage of employee networks and prevent rival businesses’ ads from appearing on the profiles of your employees.

Goals: Website traffic and job seekers.

The job description on LinkedIn ads

  • Name of the company: up to 25 characters
  • Recommendation for company logo: 100 by 100 pixels
  • Ad headline: You may enter up to 70 characters or select from a list of pre-written headlines.
  • CTA: Pre-set alternatives are provided; the bespoke text has a character limit of 44.

Lead gen forms

You may find more qualified leads by using lead gen forms, also known as lead generation forms, which are accessible for message advertisements and sponsored content.

If you’re running a webinar, for instance, you may link a lead generation form to your CTA, which will automatically insert the profile information of your target viewers. Following that, you can either link LinkedIn with your own CRM or get your leads from LinkedIn’s advertisements manager.

Here is some information regarding lead generation forms

  • Specifications for the LinkedIn lead generation form:
  • Form name: 256 characters maximum
  • Headline: 60 characters maximum
  • Details: To prevent truncation, you have to use up to 70 characters (Up to 160 characters total)
  • Text for the privacy statement may be up to 2,000 characters.
  • FixDex webinar series lead generation form

Messages advertisements-

A messaging ad is opened by more than one in two potential customers, which makes this format particularly enticing to advertisers. You may deliver a direct message to your audience’s inbox with this kind of advertisement, replete with a CTA. LinkedIn ads

Goals include lead generation, website traffic, and website conversions.

LinkedIn messaging ad specifications

The subject of the message: Up to 60 characters

CTA button copy: 20 characters maximum

Text message: 1,500 characters maximum

terms and conditions that you specify: 2,500 characters maximum

JPEG, PNG, and GIF formatted banner (non-animated). 300 x 250 pixels

Project managers can advertise via LinkedIn messages.

One-image advertisements LinkedIn ads

Single picture advertisements are displayed on LinkedIn’s main page and mimic ordinary content postings, with the exception that they have been paid for and are marked as “promoted” to set them apart from other unpaid material. These advertisements only have one image. LinkedIn ads

Goals: Lead generation, website visits, website engagement, brand exposure, job applications LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn ads single-image ad specifications

  • Up to 225 characters can be used as the ad’s name.
  • 150 characters maximum for the introductory text
  • Up to 2,000 characters may be included in the destination URL.
  • A JPG, GIF, or PNG file that is 5MB in size or less; the maximum allowed picture size is 7680 by 7680 pixels.
  • Headline: Avoid shortening by using up to 70 characters (but can use up to 200 characters)
  • 100 characters maximum to prevent compression (but can use up to 300 characters)
  • single-image ad from FixDex on the LinkedIn dashboard

lone job postings

Single job postings advertise openings right in your audience’s newsfeed. 

Additionally, the fact that these advertisements raise the average click-to-apply rate by 25% according to LinkedIn internal statistics doesn’t hurt.

Objectives: Job applications

The job description on LinkedIn ads

255 character maximum for the ad’s name

Text introduction: up to 150 characters; any legally needed wording must go here to prevent text from being shortened (desktop maximum of 600 characters).

lone job postings employment promotions from Golden Phase

Text adverts

Text advertisements are simple to put up and may be done on a budget. Text advertisements may be especially alluring for businesses looking for B2B leads because LinkedIn accounts for 80% of social media-based B2B leads.

Brand recognition, website traffic, and website conversions are the objectives.

LinkedIn ad guidelines:

100 × 100-pixel image, JPG or PNG, 2 MB or less

Title: Maximum of 25 characters

75 characters maximum for the description

You might be interested in these LinkedIn text advertisements.

Video adverts-

You may advertise thought leadership, emphasize the customer experience, introduce new goods, provide an inside peek at corporate culture, and do anything else you can think of by using LinkedIn video advertising. This is a chance to demonstrate your brand’s narrative rather than retelling it.

Aims: Views of the video

Specifications for a LinkedIn Ads video advertisement

  • Up to 225 characters can be used as the ad’s name.
  • 600 characters maximum for the optional introductory text
  • 3 seconds to 30 minutes of video (high-performing LinkedIn video ads tend to be 15 seconds or less)
  • From 75KB to 200MB in size
  • less than 30 frames per second for the frame rate
  • 640 to 1920 pixels wide
  • 360 to 1920 pixel height
  • The ratio of aspects: 1.778 to 0.5652

Budgeting For LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is a result-driven, cost-effective advertising option for your company.

Pay-per-click (PPC), per 1000 impressions (CPM – Cost per Mille), and cost-per-send are the three payment options for LinkedIn advertising (CPS).

Using budgets, LinkedIn ad costs are controlled.

LinkedIn Finance

Every day, LinkedIn will use the allocated daily marketing budget. For ongoing campaigns, best.

The total money allocated to a campaign will be used by LinkedIn. Ideal budgeting strategy for campaigns with clear expenditure objectives.

Setting Bids – For certain activities, such as clicks, impressions, and conversions, LinkedIn will spend the amount you choose. If the bid is too low, the setting might have an impact on the outcome but won’t overspend. Your outcomes could also be impacted by a lack of data to optimize.

Budgets may go up to 20% over their daily allotments, but they eventually average out.

When choosing a budget choice for a campaign, it’s crucial to keep the campaign’s objectives in mind.

Budgets may be adjusted to maximize clicks, impressions, and conversions. Choosing the best solution might help you save a lot of time and money depending on your goals.

Spend some time initially determining the objectives.


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