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This is a very important pair of earphones. You’ve heard of one plus right they make smartphones earphones watch. The reason this exists is that last year the guy who started one plus “Carl Pay. He decided to leave and create a completely new tech company, called “Nothing” and this is Nothing’s first product Nothing Ear 1 Amazon.

Nothing Ear 1 Amazon

It’s a fascinating situation because one plus already makes really good tech for the most part. But for this guy to then leave one plus and start a new company in the same lane. He must be sure that he can make something even better.

Nothing Ear 1 Amazon
his guy has spent nine whole months

Slowly teasing out details of this mysterious company how they’ve rethought everything and come out with nothing. How their entire mission is extreme minimalism to create tech that disappears into the background.

Nothing Ear 1 Amazon

he’s even got his fans to become investors in the company. Before they even knew a single product coming from it. There’s been so much talk and so much build-up and it all culminates in Nothing Ear 1.

This pair of earphones is nothing’s one chance to blow people away. It determines the trajectory of the entire company whether they fly straight to the top or just get labeled as yet another tech firm who will say anything to just get a headline, and they’re calling it the Nothing Ear 1.

it’s a small package but a pretty unique one. I think that’s important if the brand messaging is going to talk about a revolution. The unboxing experience has to feel distinct you get a pretty tiny USB cable

unboxing experience

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tiny USB cable

I won’t be using some small and some large ear tips the medium ones come pre-fitted and manuals.

small and some large ear tips

Nothing Ear 1 Amazon Price

┬áThe primary thing that you’ve got to keep in your mind here is the apple AirPods pro is 249$, Samsung galaxy buds pro is about 200$, now sony’s of whatever they’re called is 280$. The Nothing Ear 1 is 99$.

Nothing Ear 1 Amazon review

And considering that they are off to a flying start because even at that price, they have splash and sweat resistance wireless charging auto paws when you take one of them at your ear the latest Bluetooth 5.2 for higher quality audio and better battery, and the option to make them blast out a high-pitched squeal.

Nothing Ear 1 Amazon Price
Nothing Ear 1 Earphone
Nothing Ear 1 Amazon

Next time you inevitably lose them under the sofa cushion apart from some kind of spatial audio this is the full feature set. I think the fact that this company sells primarily direct to the consumer online.


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