Tozo t10 Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds

Today I’ll be reviewing the Tozo t10 Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds. Now not too long ago, I did get a chance to check the t6 wireless earbuds. These are an upgrade from those now, I highly recommend the t6s and I’ll include a link to the review of those down below, but the t10s are a clear upgrade so jumping into my first impressions as always with tozo products.

Tozo t10 Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds Price

The thing is that clean minimal look not just with the packaging but the earbuds and the case themselves. The packaging you’ll see just highlights some of those critical features flipping over to the back, you get that list of specs as always. they include a list of the full-color range that you can get these in on the side.
Now, as always, I go with the black ones just out of personal preference now opening up the box.

What Inside The Box

now setting that aside you’ve got your manuals the first one is a small packet just with your touch controls
and then you’ve got the actual main manual booklet, which comes in a couple of different languages diving into it, you’re greeted by your earbuds and your case as well as a small box on this one now the package contains all of your accessories that come with it and that is your USB-C charging cable.

Tozo t10 Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds

then your extra sets of rubber earplugs and I’m a massive fan of what tozo does because they don’t include the wingtips on the earbuds they want to keep that minimal sleek look, so what they do is include five extra pairs of rubber earplugs are interchangeable and you can swap them out on your earbuds, however, you see fit. It took me a little bit of trial and error and the second the smallest pair of rubber earplugs were the perfect fit for my ears and the final accessory they’ve included

Tozo t10 Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds Case Design

Now taking the case out, the first thing you’ll see is they’ve gone with the pill case on this one. I am personally a fan of the pill style the fact that it’s wider is not a big deal to me, but you’ve got that portability now because it is still tiny.

If you look at the side of the case, you’ll see that little notch right there now that is for the extra accessory that they’ve packed with it, which is a lanyard, so they’ve added this little loop on here so you can feed the lanyard string through and tie it around your neck or connect it to a bag or something just so you,

please don’t lose it now they went with the matte finish on the case always a fan of the matte finish it helps to keep fingerprints off of it, and that can always be a hassle, especially with glossy finishes on your electronics. Still, they’ve decided to go with a thinner plastic for the cover on the top, and this is noticeable when you pop the earbuds in and then close it because,

well, as you can see, the charging lights are still visible through the top now at. First, you might think that might be an accident, but looking at it from a practical standpoint, that’s very useful because now I don’t have to open it up and check how much the charge is left on my case I can just peer over at it, and you can see exactly how many lights are lit.

Tozo t10 Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds Battery Life

The biggest drawback is the battery life. With that said, five hours is still quite a long time to be using the earbuds. I found even when sitting down to watch a couple of movies or longer episodes of shows, I still didn’t even run into the problem where the batteries died on me, so although it’s not as long as I’d like it to be, it’s still not a deal-breaker.

Charging Port

Now, something that they did improve on the charging case is that they’ve made it a USB c port. It also supports wireless Qi charging, which again is one of those features that adds to that seamless wireless setup. Now to check out the earbuds themselves.

Earbud Design

Tozo t10 Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds

Always a clean look, no buttons included, and that’s why they emphasize so heavily on the touch interface because to maneuver through music or mute it or turn the volume up and down you’re going to be tapping the side of your earbuds, and that comes back to that manual I mentioned earlier that includes all of your touches functionalities.

Touch Functionality

Considerably on is that touch functionality. This is definitely where you can call it an upgrade. These have a fantastic response threshold, meaning I can adjust them as I see fit in my ear, and I’m not skipping or pausing music, but at the same time, it doesn’t feel like very much effort is needed to tap it or hold it down to turn the music up or skip through it, so I’m a massive fan of that.

Water Resistance

Tozo t10 Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds

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