Introducing the new Windows 11| Review

Windows 11 brings a lot of new visual changes and refinements to windows. Overall and I thought we’d go over all the major changes and features. As many of you have requested since the windows 11  insider preview has been released now. This will be available as a free update to Windows 10 users.  Later this year as long as.

Windows 11 on PC


The system requirements now these requirements could change as quite. A few people have been upset about them since they don’t necessarily have all of these requirements but windows 10 runs. Just fine and those requirements are one gigahertz or faster  CPU four gigabytes of ram 64 gigabytes of storage.  Secure boot TPM 2.0 support as well as Directx 12  compatible graphics. If you meet those requirements you should be good to go now I’m currently running this on a custom-built pc that I made.  


We’ll talk more about Windows 11 settings in a moment now. The first thing obviously is a major change is the start menu or start bar is in the middle of the display. Now, this can be customized or changed back to the left-hand side if you prefer that but this works great if you have an ultra-wide monitor. For example, so that’s been updated in Windows 11. 

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start bar is in the middle of the display now
if we click on start for example you’ll see the  corners are rounded there’s some nice sort of

If we click on start for example you’ll see the corners are rounded there’s some nice sort of shadowing going on behind to give some depth and this looks more like.  an android app launcher for example where you have your pinned apps here with some new icon designs as well and then also if you want to see all of your apps you click on all apps now you can scroll through all of your apps alphabetically so that’s an updated change.

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Windows 11 Desktop

Windows 11 On the desktop, you can see that we have a  nice background. There are some new themes. If we right-click on one of the icons such as “Microsoft teams” which is also new and installed on every Windows 11 pc so we’ll right-click and you’ll see it’s updated just a little bit you have cut you have a copy you also have rename and then delete so this. 


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